Which Social Media Platforms Drive The Highest Sales?

A lot of internet entrepreneurs have always wondered the best way to go about marketing their products and services. To say the least, business men and women have been worried about making the right kind of investments when it comes to social media engagement.

It is important to note that in other to get the right kind of return on investment, business owners need to be informed. Everyone knows by now that traffic drives sales and a number of orders which will be placed depends first upon the number of people who visit the site and view the content which is posted on the site.

A lot of research has been done to determine which social media platform drives sales the most. The geniuses at Shopify took their time to analyze sales and orders over a period of time to be able to come forward with concrete facts and figures to help entrepreneurs in the direction which they should channel their focus and energies.

The people at Shopify analyzed 37 million social media visits to many pages which they have from their stores and websites. They found out that of this large number of visitors the orders which were generated within the period under review was about 529,000. This is quite a large number of orders, just a little above half a million orders for different products and services.

The analysis revealed a lot of secrets. Based on the results it was realized that –

1. Facebook is number one when it comes to the generation of visitors which then later convert to customers by purchasing one item or the other from the stores and websites they visited. Facebook generated over 85 % of the orders in that large number of orders which was generated.

This is very important and instructive to smart business men. What this means, in essence, is that a lot of effort should be put into driving traffic and content from Facebook. Perhaps due to a large number of people which are on that site on a daily basis, it is understandable that putting content into that place is sure to generate a lot of visitors. Facebook also had the highest conversion rates i.e visitors who later bought one item or the other from the stores.


2. Pinterest came second in the polls and twitter came third in terms of generation of traffic which could or was converted to sales. This is also instructive for business people to make sure that they do not take for granted their twitter handles as well as Pinterest pages. All these points are important.


3. Of interest to high-end businesses, Polyvore, a site which is not too popular generated the highest amount of orders which were high in value. So if you deal in luxury items and products which are pricey, it might be a good idea to also have a page with them and try to drive content from that website.


This information is important for the smart business man as they can be sure not to waste their time in doing unproductive stuff. Rather businesses should invest time, money and energy in doing what works and is profitable for them.

Getting More Traffic

Impact Strategies for Getting More Traffic

Traffic and sales are some of the most important words in the dictionary of entrepreneurs online. These words have caused many sleepless nights as they ruminate and wonder on how to drive traffic and sales to their websites. We know the basics that more traffic surely means more sales when it comes to internet marketing.

This writes up seeks to open our minds to what strategies smart business people are putting in place to ensure that they drive more traffic and more sales to their websites. Our emphasis as always is on eCommerce websites owing to the fact that these are the kind of websites which we design and work with.

Below we will discuss a few more refined and seasoned ways of generating traffic which is doing a lot to shape the business landscape as we know it.


Ad Campaigns on Social Media

The truth about business is that you need to go where the market is. You need to place your store at a location where it can be seen. Just as it will not make any sense to open a big store in a remote country side village so does it not make sense to have an online store and not go to where the people are.

Paid campaigns on social media are the way to go and research by Shopify and other commerce giants have shown that Facebook Ads seem to be working wonders for a lot of businesses.

Facebook does have over 1.6 billion users and so you can imagine the kind of reach which they have. Facebook can run campaigns for your business at different costs depending on what your budget is and the size of the audience you hope to reach.

Instagram is also working wonders with over 500 million users worldwide it also gives business a unique platform to advertise. Business must take these campaigns serious because not only can you reach real people, a lot of people actually spend a lot of time online and so it is good to reach this large audience of people. Research has shown that a lot of people on Instagram are between the ages of 15-35. This is a real army of young people to which a good product can be marketed to.

Pinterest is also a wonderful place to advertise as they have pin Ads which is doing pretty well for itself. Bottom line here is using social media to the best of your advantage, your customers are there.


Building Relationships With Influencers

The internet keeps evolving and the truth is that to continue to stay ahead, you have to make the effort to learn something new and implement it on a daily basis. There is a new fad in town among those trying to dry traffic to their stores and this is the use of influencers.

You can look at it as just the old methods of using cooperative organizations to help each other. This method has just been modified and enhanced. There are people with mega blogs or websites who have garnered quite a follower-ship owing to the contents they dish out on their blogs and their expertise in a particular niche. They have spheres of influence and people who follow them and believe their words to be the law in a particular area. These people are called influencers.

Smart businesses are beginning to use influencers to better their chances at making sales. When you contact an influencer and show him your product and what you have to offer if he feels it is good enough for him and the content he publishes you can work together. Now, all he needs is to mention you are a ready and steady source for a particular product and with links from his blog or website you can have people visiting your site to check you out.

This is a new method and it is working as some influencers are even beginning to charge a fee to be able to put you on their blog. To get in touch with in touch with an influencer, visit Klout and go to the website, you will see influencers of all sorts and kinds and in various fields of endeavors. You will see the niche which they have carved for themselves and then see what you need for yourself.


Creating Interesting And Informative Content To Attract Customers

Many times we have said that you do have to own and run a blog if you are into e-commerce. It certainly is an exciting way to keep things alive and to keep people visiting your online store. Also for all of this to make any sense you must work hard to make sure that articles which are put on the blog are well written with SEO at the back of the minds of whoever is doing the writing.

It is important for your store to be showing up in an organic google search as well as other search engines. A lot of people actually ask google for a lot of information. If you have worked hard on your website, as well as the blog, then you can be sure that your site will pop up as a ready source of information when people search for the items you have to offer. A lot of people visit only links they see in the first pages of google and so it is important that your site ranks well or you really will not get that many people coming in to see what you offer.


Use Contests And Giveaways to spice up Things

Many times businesses forget that the element of excitement and fantasy can spice things up and make more people visit a site. After all the whole world of movies and magic thrives on excitement and entertainment. It will not hurt a business to organize different kinds of contests and then award prizes and gifts to people who win these contests. Of course, we might say that we will still incur some expenses but these contests and giveaways will surely arouse the interest of people and before you know it they will spread the word and you will have more traffic coming into the site.


Use SEO To Increase Your Website Traffic

As I said earlier, a site ranking well and ranking high on google is very important. This is so because the more highly placed on search results your website is, the more visibility your website has and the more people will get to know the site and visit. Now, to rank well we all know involves search engine optimization. There are certain keywords which people use to search for information online. These key words have to be inserted into the content on your website carefully and meticulously.

For an example, people like buying at stores that offer free shipping or discount sales. If the content on your website has free shipping as part of it, then likely many people might want to visit the website. If you have discount sales and then people want to see what they can get for cheap. If you can ship freely to Dakota, perhaps that’s where you reside, then inserting this into your web content on all your pages allows for people in Dakota to see you when they search the net. These are little tricks of the trade which any e-commerce person must learn to be able to function well and make sales.


Driving traffic, as well as conversions to your website, is very important because that is what the business is all about. Making sales is why anybody will go into business in the first place. It is important that the right steps are taken to ensure that business booms after so much effort, time and money has gone into building an online store from the scratch.


How To Use Blogs To Improve Your Ecommerce Sales

An eCommerce website is mainly for making sales and that is the general and major idea behind starting one and running one. The time and effort which is usually put into setting up such an eCommerce website and running it can be quite much and if an entrepreneur cannot see any returns for that amount of effort it can be discouraging. Many a time the major problem with most people is that they do not take the time to learn the ropes or even put in the effort required to make these endeavors work.

Today, we will discuss how to use blogs to improve your eCommerce sales. Entrepreneurs may like to argue or wonder and ponder the effectiveness or importance of blogging with improving sales on their eCommerce websites. You may likely say you just want to get traffic to your online store and get products sold and so you do not understand why you have to blog. Some might even say they do not like to write and so cannot see themselves successful running a blog because they just might even be poor at writing. People who have this kind of argument are actually speaking their minds and saying it as they see and understand it. Yet, we would like to solve these issues one by one and explain clearly in this write up why it is a ton important to make sure that your blog or communicate with your audience as often as possible, and even on a daily basis. You can use any top blogging platform for starting a blog if not started yet.

Blogging will Increase Visibility

With the right kind of search engine optimization and use of the right keywords, blogging is a very effective way to increase site ranking and visibility as well as draw a lot of new customers to your website. The math is quite simple, more ranking on search engines means more visibility and so more people get to see you and know about your site and your products. The more people know about your site and your products, the more likely they are to give your site a visit and then they could order and buy something from your site. This whole process is quite simple and honestly, for a person not putting in this amount of effort, you cannot think or hope you can make as many sales as those who are doing so. Research shows that people move straight from the first page of search engines to the site with the information or product they seek and then lesser people visit the 2nd and consequent pages of the search engine. This means if your site if ranked poorly or not even ranked at all, the possibility of people visiting it is very unlikely.


Blogging is cheap advertising

what many small businesses fail to understand is that they do not need (and they do not have anyway) a large amount of money to advertise what you sell to the world so you can get customers. Social media engagement, as well as blogging, can be very effective in advertising your products to people and ultimately be making them your customers. When you blog, you can engage your audience, tell them about new products and new upgrades, and different other things which will engage their attention. Blogging on a daily basis simply advertises your products and services as well as your company to your audience on a daily basis. This is a worthwhile and very cheap form of advertising and the truth is that the bigger players in the industry such as Amazon, Alibaba, and the likes are even doing it. They have an effective blogging platform with which they use to engage their clients. You just have to start doing it.


Blogging helps to build trust in your brand

Trust in your brand is very important because what it does is to keep you having loyal and satisfied customers. People have to believe you have integrity and for that reason keep coming back to do business with you. The way which you can build such trust in your brand does include blogging. When you blog constantly, you write on a plethora of topics and with time your audience begins to see and understand your expertise as well as your knowledge in your niche. This way they look up to you for information and over time, your word becomes the law as they are happy to read what you have to say on any subject believing you to be the gold standard of information in that area or niche which you have carved out for yourself. This is important for your brand because what happens is that once you extol the virtues of a product, your followers are likely to believe you and buy the product. This will also lead more sales and revenue.


Use blogging to reach to customers

The great entrepreneurs and businessmen of this world are those go out of their way to ensure that they meet customers at the very point of their needs. For a person running an eCommerce store or business, it is important to visit forums and social media pages to sieve through contents and understand what the real needs and wants of people in the particular niche you have found yourself being. This is important because what it means is that with a little research you can understand what your clients would like to have, tailor your products in that direction and then write great blogs about it. To do this with your business will be an absolute genius and you will notice that you just will seem to be ahead of the competition all the time owing to the fact that you are very forward thinking. What you write about will be what is in the hearts and minds of your clients and because you will seem to connect with them like no one else can, they will certainly like to buy from you. Business must use blogs to explain clearly to their clients, what the product does, how it solves a problem, why it is better than the product of a rival, why the prices and pricing are just right and various other questions.


What if I cannot write?

For some people all this might sound good and yet they ask you this question. What if I am not good at writing? There is still no problem. You must have heard about a Vlog which is a video blog. For those who are not good at writing, they can work hard to ensure that they create videos on their websites where they show people and explain what their products can do as well as what people stand to gain by buying their products. This is very important and can easily solve the problem for some people. The important thing is that whatever way you choose to communicate with your audience, you must be doing so, smartly and on a regular basis.

Find The Best Web Developers

How To Find The Best Web Developers

Finding web developers is very important for developing eCommerce website or business website especially if you happen to be a startup company. For many reasons, you cannot joke with or trivialize the issue of hiring the best web developer available to you within your particular budget range. Businesses must remember that most of the time, your website is the first contact that clients have with you and your business. It is paramount that the impression they have of you is quality and clients feel like they want to do business with you. A situation where a website is wrongly poorly developed or has many problems does not portend well for business.
Finding the best web developers available while being on a budget is never easy and businesses must hire slowly and painstakingly to be able to get the best. Yet, businesses must also be fast to fire people if they find out that things are not working well for them in terms of the work being done in building a website for the business. Some steps to take in other to find the best web developers include:

  • Visit Forums, Freelance sites or get referrals

There are many ways of getting people to work on building and developing a website or even a mobile app.  There are so many places where one can get web developers which include upwork, freelancer, smashing jobs, codeable, and many other which a simple google search will throw up. You can also visit all kinds of forums such as tech forums like Cnet, Tech support, technicist and others like that. All these forums will provide different web developers with different levels of expertise and pricing. A business venture owner can also seek for referrals from people who you like what their website looks like such that they can bring you in contact with their web developers. These are some of the ways of finding web developers.


  • Test them with interviews to determine expertise and personality

Depending on what a business owner is hoping to find an achieve, two things are important, the personality and expertise of your web developer. You might wonder why personality is important. Personality is important so as to get the best out of a working relationship. During the course of interviewing a person, his personality shows if he will be open to corrections, new ideas and how well he deals with deadlines. If all these are in the negative, it is likely that no matter how much expertise the developer has, both parties might leave dissatisfied. Secondly here. The expertise the web developer possesses is important. Ask for a folder of the work which has been done by the developer. This will help the business owner make up his mind about the expertise of the developer. Then it is important for the business owner to decide the language in which the website will be written either PHP, HTML or whatever language of choice. When interviewing a prospective web developer, it is important to ask what they have learned newly, this will help you decide if such a person is improving on his expertise or stagnant.


  • Watch Portfolio of Developer and Client Reviews when hiring from freelance sites

Portfolio-of-Developer-and-Client-ReviewsIt is important that before you commission a developer with the task of building and developing a website for you, due diligence is done on the part of the business owner. This due diligence should include checking the portfolio of the developer to ascertain the expertise of such an individual based on the kinds of projects which he has carried out in the past. It is equally important to also take time and read through the reviews, rating, and comments of people who have employed this developer in the past. Reading such reviews gives an idea of the kind of person the developer is, with respect to this seriousness, how well he meets up with timelines, deadlines, and milestones. The business owner can have an idea of how many times the developer is willing to correct mistakes and generally if the developer makes an effort to satisfy his clients thoroughly.


  • Give test projects before you hire

before-you-hireIt is important that while trying to hire a web developer, a little project can be given to the person, to be completed within a very small timeframe. If the person meets up with the objectives as well as timelines which have been given, then the person can be employed for the work.


All these points are important to see and make sure that a person employs the right web developer to build and design his website.


10 Essential Things To Protect Your eCommerce Website From Hacking And Fraud

An e-commerce website is a wonderful platform for both buyers and sellers to come in contact with one another and conduct business which is favorable and profitable to both parties. Inasmuch as this is commendable, online stores draw the attention of fraudulent people and hackers just the way ants are drawn to sugar. There is a juicy amount of personal information on the cards of shoppers which the hackers target for their fraudulent activities. For people who run and own e-commerce websites, keeping hackers and frauds away is very serious and important business. Hackers have the potential to wreck an e-commerce business and the issue of fraud must be to the priority of e-commerce website owners. Below is a list of 10 essential steps that e-commerce store owners can take to ensure the security and safety of their clients and their cards while shopping.

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1. Choose a Secure E-commerce Platform



The kind of e-commerce platform which a business is using for its website is very important. This is so because some platforms are more secure than others. It is important that website owners to choose platforms which have a proven track record of being secure so that their clients do not get hacked. Popular platforms like Magneto, Shopify, woo commerce and some others put a lot of money and measures to ensure that their platforms are secure. Anyone of the platforms mentioned above will provide a secure stage for the conduction of business without the fear of accounts and cards being tampered with.

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2. Use SSL certificates and ensure PCI compliance


To ensure customer satisfaction in the services being offered by an online store, the customers must feel that their data is safe. One of the ways to ensure the safety of data as it flies between the website servers and the computers of clients is encryption. Encryption ensures that data that is being exchanged by the parties involved in the transaction is secured and coded in such a way that it cannot be easily decrypted or deciphered by a hacker. This is important and when clients see an SSL certificate or seal on an e-commerce store website, they feel secure knowing that all their communication on that site is fully encrypted. It is also good for websites to ensure PCI compliance and adherence to their regulations which include making sure that data is not stored beyond a particular time. Constant changing of passwords as well as other different measures to ensure that the website is safe and secure.


3. Do not store sensitive data


It is very important that on a very regular basis, a website purges all the personal data of clients which are on their servers. Businesses owe their clients the duty of ensuring that any data which they do not need is constantly purged from their system. This is necessary because such information attracts hackers and they can put to evil use information gleaned from these websites. Except for information needed in case of a chargeback on a credit card, any other card which has been used and business concluded without a hitch must be deleted. Along with not storing sensitive data is also the fact that websites should harvest from cards only information which is absolutely necessary for the transaction to go through and nothing else. This is good for client safety and security from hackers.


4. Ensure DDoS protection with cloud-based services

There is a kind of service being offered by some companies which are called Distributed Denial of service. These companies ensure that they clean out any kind of unwanted flow of traffic through a website and ensure that only the right kind of traffic finds its way to the servers of their clients. Such companies usually provide cloud services such that all the data must pass through them to ensure correct cleaning out of the communication pathway so that just pure and real customers are interfacing with the e-commerce site and not crooks, frauds or people with suspicious characters.


5. Install security patches on your system regularly

Install-security-patches-on-your-system-regularlyDuring the diagnosis and analysis of sites which had suffered severely from cyber-attacks by fraudulent people and hackers, there was one reoccurring problem. All these sites were running outdated versions of the different software they were working with. Both security software as well as even the e-commerce platforms, it is important to ensure that the site is kept up to date very regularly. This is the only way to keep the site safe. Whenever a new version of software comes websites must do the upgrade promptly owing to the fact that support for the older version dwindles and makes such a software easy target for the wrong crowd.


6. Provide security training to employees


It is important to train employees regularly and frequently on how to detect and block fraudulent activity. This is important because the IT world is a fast paced and ever changing world, with hackers and frauds evolving new systems by the day to cause havoc to people’s finances. Using naivety as an excuse for not being able to ward off attacks is not tenable and it is certainly bad for business. Employees must know how to sift through the information of shoppers to determine when a person is trying to use a stolen card or stolen information from a card to conduct a transaction. There are some regions of the world with a higher number of frauds and crooks than other places. Transactions coming from such places need to be scrutinized to ensure that fraud does not happen.

Little details such as shipping addresses which is different from the addresses on the cards and other minute details can serve as telltale signs in other to be able to determine and flag a transaction as a dubious and fraudulent one. Hackers and frauds also like to go for high-end products which have very expensive price tags. They do this so they can make a lot of money from selling this item when they have obtained them with stolen cards. It is important that there are serious security and vigilance on these kinds of items and products to ensure that hackers do not have a field day in our stores.


7. Set up a system alert for suspicious activity


As part of means to making our sites more secure, businesses could set up system alerts for activity which is suspicious. When a particular card is to be used for a particular region of the world there could be a system alert for that. When a particular threshold of dollars is passed like maybe 500 dollars, there should be an alert for such activity. The idea behind this is that any activity which can lead to fraud needs to meet with resistance and scrutiny such that such a transaction does not go through seamlessly. The idea is to create markers and toll gates to ensure that frauds are kept out of the system ad only people with genuine intentions and genuine cars get to perform certain transactions.


8. Eliminate Software which is not safe


It is important that all the software which is hooked up to the eCommerce website, as well as the language in which the site is written, must not be prone to attack. Any software which is not safe or fraught with many loopholes which can be exploited by hackers must be done away with. Adobe Flash and all its version are culprits as they have been used as conduits for hackers to get into systems. Java also has its limitations which make it not as desirable as HTML for use in writing the scripts for the website.


9. Test your site regularly


It is important to regularly test your eCommerce website for its vulnerability and susceptibility to external attack and malware. In fact, some business owners go as far as hiring ethical hackers to consistently attack their websites and search for its weaknesses and then fix these weaknesses. It is important that for a website to be safe it must be immune to all sorts of attacks and so it is good practice to test the site as regularly as possible even on a daily basis.


10. Regularly back up your data


It is important to regularly back up all the data that is on an e-commerce website. This is good because in the eventuality of an attack even after so many precautionary measures have been taken, it is good to have back up. This will help site owners retrieve their information which will almost be up to date with very minimal damage being done to their business and their clients.

These tips are important to ensure that an e-commerce store is safe from attack from external forces in the form of crooks, frauds, hackers and all sorts of evil people on the internet.

e-Commerce Website Successful

How To Make Your Online Store/e-Commerce Website Successful

The figures which are being thrown up when it comes to making money online using the e-commerce platform are staggering. From 2012 upwards the figures in the United States alone has been running into hundreds of billions of dollars. According to analysts and experts who have continued to closely monitor trends and cash flow, the estimates for 2017 alone is running into over 400 billion dollars. This is huge and means the potentials of making a killing financially is there. People who are into buying and selling of merchandise of different kinds and own online stores are expected to make it real big this year.
All this sounds good and makes people want to jump on the train and rush to start making money online with their own e-commerce websites. Yet, we must apply the brakes momentarily at this point. It is always good to be able to pull our heads from the clouds and face reality. Yes, it is possible to make loads of money online from having an e-commerce website but making money from e-commerce, like other ways of making money is an art. It must be learned and the rudiments and laws guiding making money through an e-commerce website must be understood. There are steps which must be followed and adhered to if not, it might be an exercise in futility leading to frustration, heartbreak, and loss of capital.

A person hoping to make a success of selling online by using an e-commerce website needs to take some if not all of the following steps.

1. Test your product
It is important for anyone who is planning to sell a product online to be sure that there is an actual market for the product. The person must be sure that the product is appealing to a particular audience i.e. there must be a niche which has been carved out of people which are ready to buy the product. Sellers must interphase with family, friends, church members, colleagues and anybody around to gather honest opinions about the product. If the product is selling well offline, then it is likely to sell even better online. A situation where nobody wants to buy a product offline, it is likely that perhaps there is no market online for the product. It is a wise strategy to test as much as is possible the profitability of a product before you begin to work hard trying to sell the product.


2.  Design your site with a plan to make it sell
Many people come up with ideas and products which they want to sell and yet they never take the time to design their sites with a plan of making the site sell. The website has to be attractive and it must function optimally. People must feel drawn towards the site whenever they open it. Depending on the kind of products which are on sale in the site, the site must be designed with the aim of attracting customers. It must load quickly both on PCs and mobile platforms. All these are important so as to attract a crowd of buyers and followers.


3.  Don’t rush the launch of your eCommerce store
Many times, after hearing all the good success stories associated with selling online, people are more than ready to just jump into the fray. They design their websites very quickly and all too soon they are ready to launch their websites. It is important that businesses do not rush the launching of their websites. Time must be taken to brainstorm and work out modalities of how best the site will work and function. Business people must have sought out their target market with a good strategy and plans on how to reach these markets online. It is going to be a sad tale for anyone who rushes through the launching of his website because they may find out that they have spent so much time and have so little to show for it. The message here is calm down, learn the ropes and take your time. Success takes a time to achieve. Do not rush the launch of your website.


4.  A clear logo for the business
A logo is very important for any company or business. A logo is a clear way of stating and showing your identity. Businesses must spend judiciously to ensure that they get a befitting logo for their company. This logo must be clear and if possible it must show the intent of the business. This logo also has to be placed conspicuously on the website. The logo has to be put in a place where it is clearly visible on all the pages of the website. A clear logo is very important as it helps for brand identification. As the business grows and performs well, anywhere the logo is seen, it will be associated with quality and efficient service delivery.


5.  Make sure your eCommerce website is mobile responsive
Technology has moved so fast now that mobile phones can perform almost all the functions which a computer is capable of performing. It is important that anyone building an e-commerce website must do it in such a way that the website is able to load fully well and effectively on a mobile platform. This is important because the number of people trying to gain access to your website using their phones or tablets is always more or at least equal to those using computers. A situation where a website does not open well or at all on mobile phones is a sad thing. It will be sure to limit the potential of that business as access to the website becomes restricted. This must never be the case in a serious business.


6.  Attractive landing page as first impression matters
Many studies have indicated that it does not take more than 50 seconds for people to make up their minds on whether they plan to stay and look around a website or they want to leave. What makes people want to stay and see what a business has to offer? Simply, it is the first impression they get about the business. It is important that the landing pages can keep the interest of potential clients. Once people get to our websites, they must like what they first come in contact with, that way they are likely to stay and see what we have to offer then they can make purchases. Businesses must work hard at this and ensure that the first page, as well as other pages, are attractive.


7.  Test the whole features before launching your online store
Before a business gets to launch their website, it is important to make sure that all the features, buttons, drop downs and all other functions within the website are working very well. For clients who have no time to waste, it is easy to lose them if they find out that many features or even one feature within the website is not functioning well. Business owners must painstakingly, with the help of their team go over every single feature in the website and ensure that they are all working in good and perfect condition. That way clients are able to move around the website easily.


8.  Work on media as they matter
Images matter a lot. It is important for businesses to work on all the photos on the site. The images must first be light enough to load easily on either mobile phones or PCs. Secondly, people who want to buy items usually like to see different angles of a product keeping in mind that they may not be able to come to the offline shop and view things themselves. Having as many angles as possible of a product convinces the customer that the business is not hiding anything and what they see is what they get.


9.  Work and improve continually on social media
Social media gives the kind of visibility which was not possible some years ago. To make sales, it is important that a business must be in a position where people know about it and can identify it for what it sells. Coca-Cola is known for its beverages and anywhere anybody sees the logo they know what it means. It is important that businesses whether small or big take advantage of social media and make themselves well known to the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google + and all other social media tools must be used effectively to ensure that people know about the business and what it has to offer. This way wherever the business logo is seen, people recognize it and are ready to do business.


10.  Design a proper strategy and stick to it not trying to do everything at once
It is important to have a proper strategy designed by the business owners on how to sell their products. First, the business must not try to do too much at the initial stage. It is important to fashion out a particular strategy and stick to that strategy. This means that a lot of brainstorming has to go into determining who to target with the products, how to target these people, when is the best time to be marketing this product. How does the product get to its destination, the kinds of payment gateways and platforms to use and many other little things which can make or mar the business?

5 Reasons Why Wireframing is Important in Web Design

Gives a Schematic Blueprint of Website

What is wireframe?

A wireframe will help you to convert a simple layout of a flowchart including all the site content and features into an architectural design. This visual guide representing the skeletal framework of the website make you understand the basic working with all functionality of the site that you want to serve to the visitor. Wireframing will give you the exact difference between the product you wished and what you have designed till now by removing all distractions like colors, themes, fonts, etc.


Saves You A lot of Time

This process will restrain you from spending a lot of time in the entire process of web designing, also keeps you from creating a mess at the end and starting over. By giving you a calculated overview of the website before decorating it all with attractive colors and themes, it ensures the serviceability of the site. The development team will have the exact idea what they are creating.


Helps to Ensure Further Improvement

When you get the layout with wireframing, all the features including navigation bar, content, image, logo and other options will be showing you the raw purpose without any attractive mediums. Automatically some idea will pop up in your head for further improvement, so you will be able to leave some room for changes in the future. Almost every website is operated on CMS, content related modifications can be done later.


Actual Elucidation of the site features

With removing all the décor and showing all the content, components and features in the proper hierarchy will provide you the foremost usability of the site. It offers you the liberty to test the proper functionality of each feature, whether it is serving its purpose or wasting the space.


Makes Further Designing Painless

The main agenda of Wireframing is to make the web designing process lot easier by ensuring that the website developer and the client are on the same page. By not combining two steps, functionality and design (layout) of the site it guarantees the maximum probability of a perfect outcome. These two processes are done one at a time which ensures the opportunity to get feedback at an earlier stage by clients. Avoiding wireframe may cost you more time and effort to work on comments as working on the fully designed prototype is much complicated.


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How Much Does An eCommerce Website Cost

How Much Does An eCommerce Store/Website Cost In 2017

When it comes to the issue of how much an eCommerce website costs for people who want to have one, the truth is that there is no set cost or amount. The amount which a person spends on an eCommerce store will depend on various and varied factors. For people who have something or the other to sell online, they know that it is very paramount to have an eCommerce website.

Currently, the online industry is booming so much that sales are in the range of billions of dollars yearly. Many people intend to tap into this great and huge market along with the potential which this kind of market portends for those who want to expand their business.

Yet, it must be clearly stated that having an eCommerce website does not guarantee absolute success as people with expertise and potentials have been known to start and fail at this venture. An example of this is which was started by two friends who had successes previously on the internet and yet they were not able to make a success of this venture and the venture collapsed after two years. Clearly having an online eCommerce shop is important and can expand a business way beyond what they owners can ever imagine but it is the success which must be worked for and earned.

The cost of an eCommerce store is down to a lot of factors making it a bit impossible to pin down the cost to a particular amount of dollars. Factors which play a role in the cost of an eCommerce website include, SSL certification & site lock, kind of web hosting which the business owners have to purchase. The number, types, and colors of products which will be on display on this website. Will it be a website with just about 20 products or over 20,000 products? The kind of eCommerce platform which the owners are planning to use. The number of users, Purchasing theme, Custom Designing, Custom Functionality, Paid Plugins.

The question of if the business owners are planning to use web designers, graphic artists and all other different types of experts to use in building this website. So, taking all these factors into cognizance, we understand that the costs of an eCommerce website can really vary from $2,000 to $10,000. Its also depend on a size of company & location of company you hired.


Choose A Right Domain Name

Choosing a right domain name is first part whenever we create a website, blog or eCommerce Website. Purchasing an available domain name will cost you $10-$15. So, I did not count it in eCommerce shop development cost.

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Choosing The Best eCommerce Platforms

The first port of call where the cost will be incurred when you want to build an eCommerce website is the platform on which the eCommerce shop will be developed. Currently, there are many of such platform online which are big and well known, yet for the purpose of this article let’s stick to just the three most important and user-friendly eCommerce platforms. Our advice that business owners take a look at either Magento, Woo-commerce or Shopify as one of the platforms to use when trying to build an eCommerce store.

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top 3 ecommerce platform



Magento as the best when it comes to having and maintaining an e-commerce website. Magento comes in two versions which are the Magento community and the Magento enterprise. The Magento community is free while the Magento Enterprise comes with a price of 18,000 dollars per year for the license. Small & Midsize business can go with Magento Community. Magento has open source software and so the design you have is entirely up to you or your expert web designers to give you a design that you will like and appreciate. Your developmental team and software engineers are free to tinker with your website and build for you whatever functionality you want because of Strong MVC Structure & SOLID object oriented design principle that is better than any other eCommerce platform. Magento comes with a lot of plug- ins, some are free and others come with a price tag. Magento is a great fit for upcoming businesses which are running with a tight budget. Magento has many extensions which it runs with many partners to ensure that it provides quality for clients.

Magento Community: Small & Mid-Size stores can develop on Magento.
Magento Enterprise: For Big Size Store.

* Development Cost of a store is expensive on Magento Platform than other Platform. Because of its feature & strong structure.



Woo-commerce is a WordPress plugin which is free and use by WordPress sites. It gained popularity by the essence of having WordPress plugins which are free and for the fact that WordPress on its own is a blog platform. It does not have as many plugins as Magento but it certainly has enough to do the job of being an e-commerce platform effectively. Woo-commerce is free like Magento Community. Woo-commerce may not have all the flashy like Magento, but it certainly gets the job done. It can also be used on sites which are not WordPress sites. It is also open source and so if a business has a talented team of software engineers, they can always do something good on the site with the e-commerce platform.
* Woo-commerce: For small size stores only.



Shopify is the third in the list of e-commerce websites we are discussing in this article. Shopify is very popular as an e-commerce platform and does have many features which have made it attractive to a lot of businesses. One of the key features of Shopify which has made it a household brand is the fact that it has an app store which offers over 1000 applications. Shopify allows a free trial period of 14 days. After this 14 days, then the client has to choose an option from one of the three options which Shopify is offering.


  • Shopify for beginners starts at 29 dollars for the basic plan
  • Shopify has a plan for growing businesses which is at 79 dollars
  • Shopify also has a plan for established businesses which is at 299 dollars


eCommerce Platform Plan Cost
Shopify Beginners/ Basic plan 29 dollars
Growing businesses 79 dollars
Established Businesses 299 Dollars
Woocommerce Standard Plan Free
Magento Magento Community Free
Magento Enterprise $18,000/Year

This is the first cost which a person with a business who wants to have an eCommerce website has to grapple with and decide what he /she wants for the business.


Web Hosting Cost

best webhosting provider

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The next port of call when building an eCommerce shop is the issue of hosting and the best way to go about it. The hosting can be done on what is called self-hosting meaning you are in charge of hosting the data of your website on your own servers or it can be shared or co-hosted on other servers. When it comes to costs of hosting it varies depending on how many pages which you have to your website, how much data the website is carrying as well as how many visitors which you hope to have daily. The costs vary and there are many companies which are offering to host at different prices.  Below is a list to give an idea to the prospective business person.

Rank Provider Cost(shared) Refund Policy Cost(VPS) Cost(Dedicated)
1 BlueHost 3.95/m 30 Day 19.99/m 79.99/m
1 SiteGround 3.95/m 30 Day 229/m
3 IPage 1.99/m 30 Day 19.99/m 119.99/m
4 InMotionHosting 2.95/m 90 Day 29.99/m 99.99/m
5 Fatcow 49/yr 30 Day 19.99/m 119.99/m


eCommerce Store Web Design Cost

eCommerce Store Web Design Cost

Web design is another important aspect of the business of setting up an e-commerce website. What a person spends on web design also varies considerably depending on the kind of website they want to build. This is serious because it determines how well a business will grow. Clients want a website which loads quickly and is user-friendly. Clients would also like a site which is mobile/tabs friendly Because a large number of users visit on-site through mobile & number continually increasing. For a very basic website which does not have too many features, you may spend within the range of 200 to 500 dollars. The more complex the website is, the more you have to spend on building the website with price being as much as thousands of dollars at times depending on what you want to be done. Some e-commerce platforms allow you to download themes for something within the range of $50-$300 dollars.

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eCommerce Store Development Cost

eCommerce Store Development CostDevelopment charge is 1 of the major expense. Even if there is no requirement for custom design & functionality. But still, most of the expenses will be on development. A small basic store development charge on WooCommerce or Shopify could be $500 and on Magento could be $500-$1500. Custom functionality charges depend on requirement. Above given charges are for small size or new store. Mid or Biz size store development with custom functionality can be anywhere from $2000-$20000 even more.

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Security & Custom Features cost

Security & Custom Features costDepending on the type of security feature which your site has to have. Most eCommerce platform has InBuilt Security features. And they provide Updates(new versions of eCommerce platform) and also security patches(codes). But still, If you want any customized security you have to pay customs charges for that to your developer.

For the custom feature, developers charge feature wise. So, when you will tell about the features you want to the developer. They will tell your price for every feature they will charge.

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Number of Product Effect eCommerce Store Development Cost

Number of Product Effect eCommerce Store Development CostWhile in the process of building a website for clients the number of products which have to put into the website is a cause for consideration. For individuals, the products might not be as much as when the client is an agency or a big business. The product number is factored into the cost and when the products are many, then the cost will be quite high to develop functionality to make site fast and build such a website. In the case of paid eCommerce platform, you have to subscribe to a bigger plan.


Adhoc Work

Adhoc WorkBuilding and designing a website as well as hosting it does not mean that all the work is done. There is a host of other activities which are involved in the process which also cost money. Some of these activities include training of the client or his staff to ensure that they know what they are doing with the site. Maintenance of the website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as the case may be. Testing and launching of the developed project as well as migration and content support. All these plethoras of activities are important to make sure that the website works well and makes money for the owners. Some agencies like to charge a lump sum for these ad hoc projects, while others want to break it down into little phases. The cost can vary for ad hoc work and this work is usually done by dedicated web designers and web developers. Cost can range from between 500 to 50, 000 dollars depending on how big the website is in terms of a number of pages and products which the website carries.



In summary, what it costs to have an e-commerce website varies. For individuals, you can have a spending cap or projection of between $500 to $5,000 depending on quality and traffic which is being expected. For agencies and bigger companies, they could look to spend between the ranges of $5,000 to $100,000 depending on their budget for the project.  We usually advise our clients to make use of either magneto or woo commerce based on the facts that their features, customization are the best available in the market today. They offer flexibility, security as well as customization which other platforms do not offer.

Build Your Website

11 Things You Need To Know Before You Build Your Website

Today the internet is flooded with companies that offer website services. You may have decided that you require a website, now the question is how to choose the right provider or developer for you? Relax, help is at hand. Below are 11 things that you need to consider before building a website.

These are as follows:-


To set up a beautiful site using the right tools like a CMS system and a pre-made graphical template will be an easy and quick task the moment it is set up. These tools are user friendly and anyone with some basic skills will be able to do it. Security is the first point because without it there will be no site online, and it is plain and simple.


Content Updates and Management

Generally a website is born like an empty box. This has a home page, geographical elements, navigation menu, logo, contents and some empty pages within the various sections. An empty website will definitely look incomplete. Here content updates and management is a must.


Web Site Graphics

To set up a gorgeous site having a constant navigation framework needs experience. To have a site that is professionally designed and gorgeous it is essential to join hands with a professional website designer.

Set the budget

A site is regarded as a project. For a successful project, it is crucial in teaming up with experts who are adept in this field. And the truth is the skills are not available for free. So it is vital on your part to set the right budget rather than selecting the cheaper option.


Careful Planning of The Navigation Framework

Every navigation option must possess a distinct look, but unfortunately such basic navigation framework is often missing in a site. This is a vital facet so should be planned carefully.


Home Page

The home page can make or break a site. Thus, planning the different components which will populate it will be vital to consider. Some of the things to consider include logo, website slogan, site name, a brief description of what the site is about, navigation menu, a news box, website footer, amid others.



Having a site that has updated content will be great. If you desire in showcasing the site it is best to keep it clean and simple and avoid superfluous bells and whistles. Posting blogs on a regular basis will work wonders.


Check The Visitors

It is important to note where from the visitors are coming and how and also the total number per day. It is wise in having a good tracking software such as Google Analytics to address such issues.


SEO And Your Website

If the site fails to show in the top search results, then you are towards the path to irrelevance. It is vital to hire an SEO expert


Content always wins

Offer customers what they need through detailed content. After all, the website is about their interests and needs.


Web host

Most importantly, it is vital to select the right web host.


So next time you wish to build a site you know which factors to consider right? 

How To Start Successful Website

In the today’s technical world, most of the people are thinking about to be a part of the online world & increase their sell with some online sources. A website also helps a company to directly connect with the customer and get feedback about their product or services. Many people just know how to earn some extra money from online world or from the world of Internet but, they do not know how to develop or start a successful website. If you are one in those who do not know how to start a successful website then do not worry about anything, we are here going to tell you all the best tips and tricks about website designing and development. If you are thinking that you need so many resources in the website development process like office, a big screen high power internet and other things, this is totally wrong because you just need a proper running laptop or desktop, good speed internet connection, and table.

About learning, how to prepare a successful website is not an easy task and most of the things depend on hosting provider as hosting plays a very important role. At the first time, most people think to go for free hosting. They are searching for free hosting and wasting their time in this way. For your kind information, I would here let you know that if you wish to make some money from the internet, then you must pay or invest some amount first. You do not build a successful website for free of cost, there is no such thing exist on the internet from which you can make money without any investment.

If you are trying to sell your products or any kind of service on the internet, you need an attractive website to tell to your clients or customers about your services and products in a nice way. You cannot get free website anywhere on the internet to marketing your products. Yes, there are some platforms that are providing you with a facility to build your online store or website but these are providing sub-domains which are not so effective.
To build a successful website you need a reliable hosting, an attractive domain name, and high-quality designer website. Yes, it may cost you some $ but it makes your online presence and will definitely help you to grow your online business on the internet.

So, be ready to invest some money on your website and take a one step towards online business. If at present, you are again thinking about “free” word in the terms of website hosting and designing & development, then I would say leave this thought from your mind because business does not exist if you have these kinds of words in your mind. If you disagree with me, please leave your business idea because you are going on the way where already most of the people are getting fail due to this thing. You must have right approach towards your business so that you can get a perfect return on investment.


If we talk about website hosting and development, there are so many professionals you will find for your eCommerce website development, personal website, Blog or informative website, company website or your portfolio who can help you to build a fully functional website according to your requirements. Apart from hosting, so many hosting providers are available in the market from where you can buy hosting plan according to their need and requirements. Hosting providers serves a different type of plans to choose. You can select or pick anyone of those and can host your website on their server. Nowadays, many hosting service providers are providing different offers to attract their clients, you can get a good deal. The think is just you need to research each and everything about hosting plans among various sites like BLUEHOST, Siteground, IPAGE, EHOST, FATCOW, JUSTHOST, HOSTPAPA, INMOTION HOSTING, GREENGEEKS, DREAMHOST and much more…

Let’s assume that you are in business and wish to expand your business over the internet, for his you need a excellent presence on the internet and fully functional, featured website which can serve your clients or customer in the best way. For all these things, you need to spend some bucks without thinking of return on investment because this is a long term process and it will pay you in future, not now. So, always do not think about profit in every investment.


Here are some points that you need to start your online presence over the internet:

1. A domain name: This is most important thing in the creation of website. You must select your domain name according to your services, in short, it must be looks like a brand and should tell everything about your business and services. And of-course keyword friendly domain name can help you when you want to optimize you site for SEO. Always buy domain name from a reputed company. Don’t buy from anywhere because of saving few Dollar.

2. Hosting: This is the most vital part of any website creation and live process as after all your website will be accessible from here only. Website page load time, web downtime, SEO etc. Lots of things depend on you hosting. So, it is the one of most important part. For the perfect hosting plan, you need to make some research on hosting websites as they defined all their plans on their website. You just need to browse and select plans according to your requirements. One more important thing, some hosting websites are not only providing web space to host your website but also they are providing so many other facilities for your website like promotion, health checker of your website, traffic analysis, designing and development, different type of themes, easy customer support for any type of help.

3. Website design software or development company: After making all the plan about your website, you need to select a professional and reliable service provider who can build your website according to your desire.

4. An Email service: A free e-mail service is not good because there are so many limitations in this. You need a professional email service with unlimited email addresses for the different sectors of your business like service, sales, support, etc. A good website hosting company will provide you all these things.

5. A payment processor: You must select payment collection process; it can be connected to anyone like PayPal or any other.

6. Online promotion: After all the things, you need to tell your end users that you are providing some kind of service in the internet world. To aware people about your services, you need to choose online promotion, without this, you would not able to tell your users about your services.

7. Other things: This section includes many different things that you need to aware about like, blog section, SEO part, traffic analysis, health checker of your website and so on…

At the end, we will say, just you need to make some investment for your business if you want an excellent presentation of your website on the internet. These are the vital steps that you need to follow to build any type of websites like an e-commerce website, Personal website, Blog or any other type of websites.

Many users followed these steps and got perfect website according to their requirements. So, these steps are perfect for any kind of website development process. these things are coming out from many user reviews and experience.


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