Getting More Traffic

Impact Strategies for Getting More Traffic

Traffic and sales are some of the most important words in the dictionary of entrepreneurs online. These words have caused many sleepless nights as they ruminate and wonder on how to drive traffic and sales to their websites. We know the basics that more traffic surely means more sales when it comes to internet marketing.

This writes up seeks to open our minds to what strategies smart business people are putting in place to ensure that they drive more traffic and more sales to their websites. Our emphasis as always is on eCommerce websites owing to the fact that these are the kind of websites which we design and work with.

Below we will discuss a few more refined and seasoned ways of generating traffic which is doing a lot to shape the business landscape as we know it.


Ad Campaigns on Social Media

The truth about business is that you need to go where the market is. You need to place your store at a location where it can be seen. Just as it will not make any sense to open a big store in a remote country side village so does it not make sense to have an online store and not go to where the people are.

Paid campaigns on social media are the way to go and research by Shopify and other commerce giants have shown that Facebook Ads seem to be working wonders for a lot of businesses.

Facebook does have over 1.6 billion users and so you can imagine the kind of reach which they have. Facebook can run campaigns for your business at different costs depending on what your budget is and the size of the audience you hope to reach.

Instagram is also working wonders with over 500 million users worldwide it also gives business a unique platform to advertise. Business must take these campaigns serious because not only can you reach real people, a lot of people actually spend a lot of time online and so it is good to reach this large audience of people. Research has shown that a lot of people on Instagram are between the ages of 15-35. This is a real army of young people to which a good product can be marketed to.

Pinterest is also a wonderful place to advertise as they have pin Ads which is doing pretty well for itself. Bottom line here is using social media to the best of your advantage, your customers are there.


Building Relationships With Influencers

The internet keeps evolving and the truth is that to continue to stay ahead, you have to make the effort to learn something new and implement it on a daily basis. There is a new fad in town among those trying to dry traffic to their stores and this is the use of influencers.

You can look at it as just the old methods of using cooperative organizations to help each other. This method has just been modified and enhanced. There are people with mega blogs or websites who have garnered quite a follower-ship owing to the contents they dish out on their blogs and their expertise in a particular niche. They have spheres of influence and people who follow them and believe their words to be the law in a particular area. These people are called influencers.

Smart businesses are beginning to use influencers to better their chances at making sales. When you contact an influencer and show him your product and what you have to offer if he feels it is good enough for him and the content he publishes you can work together. Now, all he needs is to mention you are a ready and steady source for a particular product and with links from his blog or website you can have people visiting your site to check you out.

This is a new method and it is working as some influencers are even beginning to charge a fee to be able to put you on their blog. To get in touch with in touch with an influencer, visit Klout and go to the website, you will see influencers of all sorts and kinds and in various fields of endeavors. You will see the niche which they have carved for themselves and then see what you need for yourself.


Creating Interesting And Informative Content To Attract Customers

Many times we have said that you do have to own and run a blog if you are into e-commerce. It certainly is an exciting way to keep things alive and to keep people visiting your online store. Also for all of this to make any sense you must work hard to make sure that articles which are put on the blog are well written with SEO at the back of the minds of whoever is doing the writing.

It is important for your store to be showing up in an organic google search as well as other search engines. A lot of people actually ask google for a lot of information. If you have worked hard on your website, as well as the blog, then you can be sure that your site will pop up as a ready source of information when people search for the items you have to offer. A lot of people visit only links they see in the first pages of google and so it is important that your site ranks well or you really will not get that many people coming in to see what you offer.


Use Contests And Giveaways to spice up Things

Many times businesses forget that the element of excitement and fantasy can spice things up and make more people visit a site. After all the whole world of movies and magic thrives on excitement and entertainment. It will not hurt a business to organize different kinds of contests and then award prizes and gifts to people who win these contests. Of course, we might say that we will still incur some expenses but these contests and giveaways will surely arouse the interest of people and before you know it they will spread the word and you will have more traffic coming into the site.


Use SEO To Increase Your Website Traffic

As I said earlier, a site ranking well and ranking high on google is very important. This is so because the more highly placed on search results your website is, the more visibility your website has and the more people will get to know the site and visit. Now, to rank well we all know involves search engine optimization. There are certain keywords which people use to search for information online. These key words have to be inserted into the content on your website carefully and meticulously.

For an example, people like buying at stores that offer free shipping or discount sales. If the content on your website has free shipping as part of it, then likely many people might want to visit the website. If you have discount sales and then people want to see what they can get for cheap. If you can ship freely to Dakota, perhaps that’s where you reside, then inserting this into your web content on all your pages allows for people in Dakota to see you when they search the net. These are little tricks of the trade which any e-commerce person must learn to be able to function well and make sales.


Driving traffic, as well as conversions to your website, is very important because that is what the business is all about. Making sales is why anybody will go into business in the first place. It is important that the right steps are taken to ensure that business booms after so much effort, time and money has gone into building an online store from the scratch.

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